How to Start and Keep Going With Your Watercolor Practice Every Day

It might seem daunting at first to paint every day! But, if you want to get better at your watercolor painting skills, you have to start somewhere. Daily practice will build your habit and improve your skills. If you’re just beginning with watercolors, just start, even if the outcome doesn’t look great. If you start, you will enjoy it and want to paint more. Here’s some tips on how to start and keep going with your watercolor painting practice.

1. Keep a Journal

I was inspired by another watercolor painter to keep a journal daily of my watercolor paintings. I can choose to fill the page or not fill the page. I can choose what to paint, how to paint it or even if I feel like skipping painting for doing line art that day. It’s your journal so you can choose to do what you want in it, but just choose to do 1 thing every day.

The watercolor journal I bought to use is the Strathmore 400 Series Watercolor Journal. I work on one side one day and another side another day unless I just want to go ahead and have fun and paint on both sides in one day. It is cold press paper with 24 sheets, or 48 pages, for you to paint on.

2. Set Up a Daily Time to Paint

This can be hard, especially if you have kids, pets, work or anything else the distracts you during your normal day-to-day life. Who doesn’t? We can’t all go to a cabin for a week and do nothing but paint or write, right? So, you have to set up a daily schedule and fit in your watercolor painting practice somewhere in your schedule.

If I don’t paint in the morning, I typically take time to paint right after I’m finished working for the day. I try to finish around 6 pm or earlier and then take about 30 minutes to paint. Sometimes it takes less time, depending on what I decide to paint that day. If you can fit in 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or 30, then just start painting. It will become a habit and if you skip any days, you’ll definitely miss it!

3. Join a Daily Painting Challenge

There’s motivation in participating in a challenge! If you know someone expects you to do something, then that makes it even more motivating. Having that accountability is what has gotten me to get things done on more than one occasion.

If you’re a beginner at watercolors, or just want to join a challenge, you can join my 7-day watercolor painting challenge to get started. I send you emails every day with your step-by-step videos so you can paint along with me.

4. Set a Goal and a Deadline

Usually, whenever you want to learn something new, you were inspired by something that gave you the dream and desire to do it for yourself. With watercolor painting, I wanted to paint beautiful flowers and wreaths like I saw other people doing. My goal was to learn how to paint flowers, leaves and wreaths. I am still learning many different techniques and flowers to paint, as well as how to arrange them into wreaths. But, my initial goal was to start painting flowers, leaves and wreaths and that is exactly what I did. I gave myself a month’s timeline to paint a wreath.

For your projects, give yourself a big goal you want to reach. Maybe you want to paint wreaths, or a bear, or a landscape. Then work a little on it every day. For wreaths, you can start with the leaves. For the bear, you can start with selecting your colors for the bear and painting swatches. For the landscape, you can start by painting trees. The point is to create a goal that is reachable and then do a little towards it every day.

5. Stay Consistent

The best way to build a practice of painting watercolors is to stay consistent. You have to really want to get good at it and enjoy it to do it every day. If you are consistent and focus your mindset that you will put in the practice to get better, then you will.

What are some ways that you have worked towards mastering something you enjoy doing?

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